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Course Fees
– Online theoretical course in English: 65.000 Ft
– Deposit on driving lessons: 30.000 Ft
– Driving course in english: 3×56.000 Ft (30 hours driving is obligatory by law)
 After 5 pm and on weekend days: +1000 Ft/driving hour
Official Exam Fees
– Theoretical exam: 4600 Ft
– Practical exam: 11.000 Ft
– Red Cross exam: 8200 Ft
– Medical examination: 7200 Ft
Office Adresse
Alfa Offices – 1132 Budapest, Visegrádi street 47/b., 1st. floor, B1004 room
Open Hours
Tuesday: 3 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday: noon – 4 pm
Thursday: 3 pm – 7 pm
How to apply for the course and its conditions
– 16 and half years loaded age
non-Hungarian citizens: Hungarian residence permit valid at least for 6 months or Hungarian address card
Directly visit the Driving School office for registration:
       – payment of the first part of the course fee
          (95.000 Ft by cash or card)
       –  payment of the theoretical exam fee
          (4600 Ft only by cash)

       – a duly completed and signed application form

After registration you get by e-mail the password for the English e-learning theoretical course.
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Terms and Conditions and Student Guide for Category B Students

The prices shown are valid from 6 June 2019 onwards.

1. The nature and purpose of the Terms and Conditions and the Study Guide (hereinafter referred to as the “Prospectus”)

Information on the training and examination of road drivers and road transport professionals laying down detailed rules for the application of 24/2005. (IV. 21.) GKM (hereinafter referred to as “the GKM Decree”) is defined in the 2. Annex and is considered as the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

The purpose of the Prospectus is to reach an agreement between the training body and the participants in the subject matter establishing a uniform set of conditions and establishing conditions for cooperation between them.
These terms and conditions are part of the contract between the parties, and only the parties are entitled to deviate from them in written declaration containing the same will of the parties.

2. The material, personal and territorial scope of the Prospectus

The Prospectus material scope is expand of the training activities provided by the training organization (road drivers training courses).

The Prospectus is within the personal scope of the training: training body, participant.

The territorial scope of the Prospectus covers all administrative units in the territory of Hungary where is engaged in training activities.

3. Temporal scope of the Prospectus, amendment

The Prospectus, starting with the date of commencement of the training – with the content of the interim modifications – valid until revoked.
The training body is entitled to unilaterally review and amend the provisions of this Prospectus. The amendment does not apply to contracts entered into, they are always covered by the prospectus that was in force when the contract was concluded, unless the amendment is made by reason of a legislative change, and this is expressly provided for by the applicable law, or the legal obligation contained therein is not otherwise performed. In the latter case, the training body shall immediately notify the participant of the modification. If the participant is a does not agree with the amended provisions of this Prospectus, then the participant is entitled to terminate the contract with the training body with notice period of 15 days from the date of notification.
It approved the amendment if the participant fails to make a declaration of termination.

Following the entry into force of the amendment to this Prospectus – for the legal relationship between the parties – the amended provisions of the Prospectus shall apply. From the information published in the training body promotion announcements there should be no discrepancy in data of the Prospectus.

4. Data of the training body

Name (fantasy name): LikeDrive Driving School
Headquarters: H-1173 Budapest, Összefogás u. 30
Website address: (hereinafter referred to as “Website”)
E-mail address:
Phone number: +36-70 / 90-52-500 or +36 20 / 228-37-22
Company Name: Bulya Sándor EV
Company form: individual business
Registration number: 9075101
(hereinafter referred to as “Driving School” or “Training Body”)

Name of school principal: Sándor Bulya
Head of school e-mail:
Head of school: 06-70 / 43-43-180

5. Customer Reception

Customer reception at the Driving School office (1132 Budapest, Visegrádi street 47. 1st floor B1004 room) takes place at the reception time: Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 19:00.

For more information on receiving a client, please contact the Driving School email address and telephone number.
6. How to apply for the course and its conditions

6.1. In order to apply, the participant may contact the Driving School as follows:

– Directly visit the Driving School office
– by phone
– by email or
– by filling out the form on the Site, “Apply Now!”

Participant should be applying for the Driving School training only personally, after getting to know Prospectus and Driving School Privacy Policy and complete and sign an application form. For the participant have the opportunity to send the application form in advance by e-mail to the Driving School however, the original of the application form is still required to give personally at the Driving School office.

6.2. PAV examination is not required.

6.3. Conditions for admission to the course:
– 16 and half years loaded age;
– payment of the first part of the course fee,
– a duly completed and signed application form.
– non-Hungarian citizens: Hungarian residence permit valid at least for 6 months or Hungarian address card

7. Conditions for passing the exam:

7.1. Conditions for passing the theoretical exam:

– 16 and three-quarter years loaded age,
– completion of the theoretical course,
– less than 9 months elapsed since the beginning of the theoretical course,
– payment of theoretical examination fee,
– a duly completed and signed application form,
– write and read knowledge
– a declaration of primary education and
– a valid medical fitness certificate.

Within 9 months of the registration, the student has to pass the theoretical exam, which is in case of unsuccessful can retry, but within 12 months must pass a successful theoretical exam. Beyond this deadline can only be theoretical exams, if participant repeating this courses.
The successful Theoretical Exam is valid for 2 years. If the candidate is not taking the successful driving exams during this time successfully, all successful exams will be void.

7.2. Prerequisites for Practical Examination:

– aged 17,
– driving the required number of hours (29 hours) and completing the prescribed distance (580 km),
– duly completed and signed application form and
– payment of a practical examination fee.

7.3. Conditions for Issue of Examination Certificate:

– proof of successful theoretical exam,
– proof of successful practice exam
– successful First Aid Exam Certification is First Aid Knowledge issued by the Hungarian Red Cross subjects. Exemption may be requested under the appropriate medical education certificate pursuant to Decree 31/1992 (XII.19.) NM.
– Proof of primary education, which is possible in the following ways:
● enter your identity documents with your doctoral title
● the origin of the document certifying school completion, or a notary or certified by the issuer copy of.
In the case of foreign certificates and diplomas, the original document and its certified translation, unless if the diploma or certificate can be found in “Certificate and Diploma Sample” is established by the Transport Authority.
● in the case of foreign certificates and diplomas, by a competent Hungarian authority recognition certificate, localization clause, official certificate, official verification, information or a student relationship issued by a higher education institution in Hungary not older than 3 months a certificate stating that the certificate or diploma in question certifies at least a level of basic education presupposes its existence.

8. Course subjects and required number of hours and compulsory driving distance

8.1. Theoretical subjects and lessons

Basic transport knowledge: 18 hours
Driving theory: 6 hours
Structural and operational knowledge: 4 hours
The theoretical lessons last 45 minutes / lesson. Theoretical education is 4 x 45 minutes, ie 4 lessons.
In the case of e-learning, theoretical education is based on the curriculum of EduKresz.

8.2. Practical sessions, hours, distance

– Mandatory distance: 580 km
– Required number of hours: 29 hours + 1 exam lesson consisting of:
● Basic education: 9 hours
● Main education (Traffic): 20 hours – as follows:
o City: 14 hours
o Highway: 4 hours
o Night: 2 hours
Exam: 1 hour

Practical training can be started after a successful theoretical exam. Date of practical lessons can be agreed with a vocational trainer.

Practical lessons last 50 minutes. In Basic education max. 2 hours driving is possible per day, in Main education max. 2 × 2 hours per day, among min. 2 hours break.

When reaching 580 driven km and completing 30 hours of practical training as well as in case of unsuccesful traffic exam, the instructor may propose additional practical classes.
The duration of the traffic exam is 60 minutes, of which 50 minutes are continuous driving. The specified time period including information of the examiners from the progress of the examination and the assessment of the exam.

After the fifth unsuccessful traffic exam, PAV examination is mandatory.

9. Use of vehicles

Available vehicles:

– Toyota Yaris (diesel) instructor: István Jónás
– Peugeot 308 (diesel) – instructor: Balázs Kolosai

We are not involved in training with a vehicle provided by a participant.

10. Absenteeism

10.1. The trainer’s delay, absence

In practical training, the student need min. 20 minutes to wait for the instructor, a missed driving lesson must be replaced at a later time without paying an additional hourly fee.

10.2. Lack of student

If a student is prevented from attending, he / she can cancel the agreed practical training lesson as follows:

– at least 48 hours before the beginning of the lesson – without any obligation to pay,

– within 48 hours before the beginning of the lesson, must pay the hourly fee for the lesson

– If the learner does not appear in the agreed session without prior notification, this is the case pay the hourly fee for the unused hour and replace the missed practical driving lesson.

11. Amount of fees, payment methods and payment deadlines

11.1. Amount of tuition fees

– The fee of the theory (e-learning education) in english: 65.000 HUF (60 hours/90 days) If needed, it is possible to buy additional e-learning hours: 15.000 HUF (10 hours/30 days)

– Practical training basic in english hourly fee (manual transmission): 6.600 HUF/ hour (50 min) After 5 pm and on weekend days: + 1000 Ft/hour (50 min)

-Deposit on driving course fee in advance: 30.000 Ft – It will be deducted from driving course fee during driving lessons.
After driven the compulsory 580 km: 6.600 HUF / hour (50 min)

For practical training fees for students who have received a training certificate from other training bodies please find in document “Student briefing for students who have passed through other training bodies ”.

Practice driving with driving license, only by “instructor car:” 6.600, HUF/ hour. It is available to purchase in 10 hours bundles.

11.2. How to pay tuition fees

Payment can be made:

– by bank transfer; or
– in person by card or to the cashier by cash deposit.

11.3. Payment Deadlines

– Theory (e-learning education): Upon enrollment.

– Practical training (uniform in all cases): on the first training lesson of compulsory 580 km, for each additional hour at the beginning of each lessons (including any replacement, see point 10.2) or at the beginning of each lessons.

We provide the option to pay in installments:

  • Amount of the first part: [65,000HUF] + [30,000HUF] ; due date: [enrollment date]
  • Amount of 2nd part: [56,000HUF); payment deadline: [first practical lesson];
  • Amount of 3rd part: [56,000HUF]; payment deadline: [11. practice lesson].
  • Amount of 4th installment: [56,000HUF]; payment deadline: [21. practical lesson].

12. Amount of exam fees, payment methods and payment deadlines

12.1. Amount of exam fees

Exam fees are based on official rates as follows:

– Theoretical examination fee: 4,600 HUF;
– Traffic exam fee: 11.000 HUF;
– First Aid exam fee: 8.200 HUF. (You have to bring someone for translate)

12.2. Method and deadline for payment of exam fees

Payment of exam fees is paid in cash before to report/send for exam.

13. Conditions for exempting from listening and examination individual subjects

The Driving School determines the conditions of the discharge in accordance with the GKM Regulation as follows:

13.1. Exemption from listening to subjects

In all cases, the head of the Driving School decides on the exemption of subjects.

– The head of the Driving School will exempt certain subjects from the courses before starting the training the student who is already qualified for the subject.

Listening to individual theoretical subjects and getting first aid knowledge
the scope of qualifications and qualifications on which the exemptions are based shall be determined by the Transport Authority. Such list of qualifications can be found in the GKM Decree no.4 of Annex III.

13.2. Exemption from examination obligation

Initiating an Exemption from Examination, – by the Head of School
certified – by attaching a photocopy of the deed to the application form. Obligation to take the exam the exemption is granted by the Transport Authority upon request.

14. The method of transfer of the student and the issuance of the certificate of the completed education, consequences of the student’s transfer

At the request of the pupil, the head of the school is obliged to issue a so-called “Training Certificate” on the education delivered, 2pcs of a 3 copies to the student within 3 working days. It was paid but not driven hours fees the Driving School pays back in cash at the same time as issuing the certificate.

15. Educational and examination locations

15.1. Educational sites:

Theory: 1132 Budapest, Visegrádi st 47/b. 1st floor, B1004. room
1043 Budapest, Berda József st 15
1033 Mozaik st 5

15.2. Exam Locations:

Theory: 1119 Budapest, Petzvál J. st 39 and 1195 Budapest, Vas Gereben st. 2-4
1043 Budapest, Berda József st 15.
1033 Mozaik st 5

16. How to request supplement lessons and their fees

Above the mandatory 580 km mileage, the Practice Instructor may suggest additional practical lessons quantities.

The fee for the additional hours is set out in Section 11.1. as described in point 6.600 HUF / hour (50 min).

17. Name, address and telephone number of the licensing authority

17.1. Authority at first instance

Name: Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala, Közlekedési Felügyelősége
address: 1119 Budapest, Petzvál József st 39.
phone number: + 36-1 / 371-3030
(hereinafter referred to as “the Inspectorate”)

17.2. Supervisory Body

Name: Nemzeti Fejlesztési Minisztérium (Ministry of National Development)
Közút Gépjármű-közlekedési hivatal (Public Road Vehicle Transport Office)
Képzési és Vizsgáztatási Hatósági Főosztály (Department of Training and Examination Authority)
Address: 1082 Budapest, Vajdahunyad u. 45.
phone number: + 36-1 / 814-1800
e-mail address:

18. Rights and obligations of the candidate

The Driving School informs the examiner of the place and date of the exam.
At the time and place of the exam, the candidate must be seated in a dress appropriate to the driving must be present.
The identity of the candidate must be verified with a valid identity card, address card or other valid document (passport) for personal identification.
The official exam results is included in the examination protocol, which the candidate will acknowledge by signing it.
In case of non-participation on the exam, or late or unsuccessful exam, new exam only if you pay for a repeat exam, unless the candidate declares his / her absence in person or in writing to the Inspectorate at the latest on the 6th day prior to the exam day or confirms with medical certificate within 8 days of cessation of the disease to the Inspectorate.
The candidate must report the change in his / her personal data within 8 days.
– If the doctor prescribes restrictions (glasses or contact lenses), the learner is obliged to do so carry practical glasses or contact lenses with you during practice and exams.
If the exam cannot be maintained due to the lack of glasses or contact lenses, material liability is the candidate.
– If the candidate already holds a valid driving license or exam certificate, the exams
it is required to present it to the examiner at this occasion.

19. Major regulatory requirements for issuing a driving license

After successful exams (theory, traffic), the candidate must go to the Passport Office.

The Passport Office prepares the driving license document. Then the following documents will be presented:
identity card;
a card certifying the successful completion of a first-aid course;
address card or Hungarian resident permit valid for at least 6 months
medical certificate.

In the case of non-Hungarian citizens, a 6-month residence permit or permanent registered address is required.

Driving licenses for category B are valid only for domestically until the driver reaches the age of 18 years.

A driving license is issued for a period of 2 years from the date of first acquisition of driving license qualifies as a novice driving license.

20. Mixed Provisions

The Driving School gives the candidate a copy of the prospectus at the same time as applying for the course and pass it on to the client room in order to inform applicants properly is displayed in a visible location and published on the Website and updated on an ongoing basis.

Budapest, September 30, 2019